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Littlewood Farm is the perfect place for school excursions. Agriculture is often not talked about in schools and the farming industry is missing nearly 2 generations of young farmers coming through.

We are here to help children get excited about farming and to help them understand where their food comes from.

Strawberry farm:

November- February:

We offer 2 packages, where kids can either come and pick strawberries during the season or if you want that little bit extra you can choose to add an ice-cream at the end of the day. Groups will also get to meet Farmer Soph and depending on the age group we can have a chat about the farm and even get to meet and feed the pet sheep.


Shearing shed Experience:


The excursion features the following activities:
- Observing a working dog herding a mob of sheep in the yards.
- Witnessing the shearing of a sheep and discussing the uses of wool.
- Learning about different sheep breeds and their various applications.
- Tracing the journey from sheep grazing in the paddock to the final wool product.
Littlewood Farm aims to collaborate closely with teachers, ensuring a beneficial hands-on
experience for the children while contributing to the diversification of their seventh-generation
family farm. Excursions are designed to last no longer than one hour, accommodating to the
comfort and convenience of the children, who are welcome to have lunch or recess on the farm grounds before or after the visit.


All school groups must be booked in advance, please fill out our booking form below and one of our friendly team will be in touch to talk about your options.

School groups bookings are now open for the 2024 season. Use the form below to please book or find out more.

The Patch_boys in the patch

Letting the kids get out in the sunshine and learn first hand about where their food comes from is invaluable in today’s society.

- Brian Keller, Hobart

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