Jam Gin and Liqueur

It was the summer of 16, and Littlewood Berry Farm had a bumper year for sunshine and fruit, in fact, the weather was so good, everyone disappeared to the beach and forgot to stop and grab their fresh strawberries. So we were stuck with hundreds of kilos of strawberries, and not wanting to waste this gold mine of  deliciousness, Sophie instructed her team to pick the lot, take the stems off and cryovac them until we could figure out a plan for what to do next.

It wasn’t until a conversation with Hellfire Bluff Distillery, who weren’t so keen on taking the fruit for their own operations but were more than happy for us to come up with our own products, that a plan was hatched that would let Sophie explore her idea for strawberry flavoured booze.

After endless hours spent tasting and experimenting with the distilling - it’s a tough life we lead sometimes - we landed on what we now call our Jam Gin and Strawberry Liqueur.

These two products have become the backbone of the farm over the winter months, helping to keep our staff employed and the Patch running while the plants are tended to and prepped for the new season.

gin & liqueur

It tastes exactly like strawberry jam, I don’t know how, it’s like gin and jam magic!

- Clarice Samual, Brisbane